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Stock-ai Selected Main Focus Indicators

United States

Leader: President– Joe Biden

GDP: $ 22,939,600 (US$ million)

Population: 332,612,846 4.19%( of world)

Area/Country Location


Inflation, Production, Export, Imports Prices Changes.

Consumer Price YoY

Jul 2022 8.48 %

Core Consumer Price YoY

Jul 2022 5.91 %

Producer Price YoY

Jul 2022 17.16 %

Export Price MoM

Jul 2022 -3.25 %

Import Price MoM

Jul 2022 -1.41 %

Money Supply

M1, M2, M3 and others

Industry Development Trend

Manufacturing & Service industries developed.

Employment status

Employment rate, unemployment rate, labor force participation rate...etc


Business & consumer confidence

Other Indicators

The other important indicators.